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Students will ALWAYS be reading. Each student will read approximately 6-8 books this year, all need to be approved by Ms. Ingalls before they can be used for a school assignment. If a student wants to read an adult book or one I am unfamiliar with, parental permission must be granted. Students can bring in a book from home, choose from our school library or one from our classroom library. The public library is also a great resource for students.
A grade 8 level book is considered 250 pages, however, consideration is given to vocabulary, student ability and font size.
Class time is given to reading. Class time is also given to students for each and every assignment so that questions and concerns may be addressed as they arise in class. Homework only occurs if a student needs to finish an assignment, if items are required for a future class or research is needed from home. Work done at home without permission may not be accepted as independent work.

Reading and writing, as well as expressing, are the focus with projects as the assessment of knowledge for the student's learning. Because so much time is given to the projects, much is expected. Examples are given in class and inferior/rushed work may be handed back. Only your best work is accepted.

When a student receives an assignment, we, as a class, go through the outline, do some time management, give class time to work on the assignment and to receive guidance and support. Students will be notified when their work is to be brought in.

Close Reading prompts:

Coding group: please click on the link below and find your name. This will take you to the 20-hour coding section. Use your password Ms Ingalls gave you.

Athletic Reads:
A great site with articles written by professional athletes: The Players Tribune
Here is one by Gerald Henderson: The First Time I Guarded Kobe Bryant
And the one from class by Kobe Bryant: Dear Basketball
And, Willie O'Ree: The Barrier

Parent Resource:
Not sure where to go from here in your child's reading? Here is a site that lists options for suggesting reading to students. I go through this process with students during our reading conference and when they ask me what I would
Suggesting Reading to Students